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Our Purpose:

On October 17,2022, Donor Heroes are Superheroes launched as a children’s activity book teaching about organ, eye, and tissue donation. It also helps explain the concept of donation to children who have lost donor loved ones. Our aim is to provide copies to organizations and individuals promoting donation at cost plus shipping. We offer English and Spanish editions with editions in other languages in the works. The book features real-life donor heroes. Donations to Donor Heroes will support future editions and scholarships for children of donors, not based on GPA, to pursue education at trade schools, colleges, or universities, recognizing the challenges they face after losing a parent.

About the Author & Donor Mom, Trina Long

Trina is a dedicated volunteer who supports Legacy Donor Services Foundation (Legacy) and Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency (LAORA), with a focus on promoting organ, eye, and tissue donation. Her passion for this cause led her to create "Donor Heroes are Superheroes" after noticing a lack of resources for children on this topic during an event at a Port St. Lucie Library. The primary objective of "Donor Heroes" is to educate young minds about the importance of donation, using engaging activities to make a challenging subject more accessible and understandable, highlighting how donation can save and improve lives.


Trina's personal motivation stems from her son, Logan, and her desire for her community to become more informed about organ, eye, and tissue donation and, ideally, to encourage more people to register as donors. She places strong emphasis on the importance of sharing one's decision with loved ones. Trina finds deep satisfaction in supporting donor families, especially children.


In a collaborative effort with Legacy and the St. Lucie Mets baseball team, "Donor Heroes" became a part of the "Make the Save, Save a Life,” night at the ballpark. This partnership was initiated in 2022 during National Donate Life Month in April, offering donor families an opportunity to honor their heroes in a family-friendly environment. It is a source of pride for "Donor Heroes" to be part of this initiative, which enabled over 100 family members to pay tribute to their heroes. The ultimate goal is to continue this event during National Donate Life Awareness Month in April and potentially expand it to other minor leagues in Florida.  

Logan’s Story:

Logan's radiant smile was a reflection of his adventurous, dependable, easygoing, funny, hardworking, kind, protective, and loving personality. At the age of 16, he underwent a cornea transplant following a paintball injury, instilling in him a profound sense of gratitude for the gift of sight. In his deep appreciation, Logan registered as an organ, eye, and tissue donor.

Tragically, at the age of 30, Logan's wish to be a donor became a reality when another driver failed to yield the right of way at a traffic light. Logan's gift of donation became possible through Florida Lions Eye Bank, where a 21-year-old regained sight thanks to Logan's right cornea, and his right lens was recovered for research. Through Legacy Donor Services Foundation, a tissue bank, Logan's selflessness touched the lives of 542 people through tissue donation.

While those who knew him deeply feel his absence, his generosity lives on through the lives he touched with his decision to provide the gift of sight and improve the quality of life for many. 


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