Speaking Opportunities

Help us spread the word of the positive impact of donation by creating speaking opportunities for our superhero speakers at your organization, corporation, or community event.

As an advocate for organ, eye, and tissue donation, Trina has addressed the public at various events, informing them about the profound impact of the gift of life. Her role as a donor mom provides a compelling narrative, demonstrating how donation can bring about positive change, not only in one's life but also in the lives of their family, friends, and the entire community. She eagerly seeks opportunities to speak at events, with the aim of raising awareness about the positive influence of donation. Furthermore, the group includes other donor parents, siblings, children, and recipients who can share their stories in various languages, emphasizing the importance of this cause. 

Children’s Books

Our Donor Heroes are Superheroes is now available in English and Spanish. These books are an excellent source of information about the impact of organ, eye and tissue donation in terms simple enough for a child to understand. They are wonderful resources to be distributed at your next event. Children love them, they are educational, and include activities that teach all about donation; while honoring superheroes who gave the gift of life.

The process to order these books is simple. Visit our contact us page and inquire about ordering these very affordable, wonderful activity books.